How It Works

1. Book an appointment

The first and foremost step is to book an appointment with us. We provide you with two options: you can either book an appointment with our travelling stylist at your doorstep or book a studio visit, whatever is more convenient for you.

2. Home Visit/Studio Visit

Once you have booked an appointment, be it with our travelling stylist at your doorstep or a studio visit, these are the steps that follow:

  • Choose your fabric
  • Decide on your final design with all the customisations
  • Share your measurements

3. Trial

In case you have ordered two or more shirts with us, we give one of the two shirts (option is on you to decide for which shirt you want a trial) as a trial. This will reach you within 3-5 days after placing the order. Once you confirm the fitting, we continue with the rest of the order.

4. Enjoy your perfectly fitting shirt

What you now have in your hands is a shirt you created from scratch, a shirt that fits you and your personality perfectly.

5. Place your next order

What are you waiting for ? Place your next order now !