Why Customize

Small, Medium, Large: These are sizes meant for your coffee, not your clothes. Our customised shirts are made for you, only you.

One Size
does not fit all

There is a luxury with customised shirts that off-the-rack shirts do not provide you with. Choose your own fabric, the kind of collar and sleeves you want, the buttons, and any other detail you would like your shirt to have, to create a style that matches your taste. With a plethora of fabric options to choose from, you will create a shirt that is uniquely yours.

Here is how customisation is different:

Cut to the chase

Stop chasing perfection, we’ll create it for you. Every material is cut to fit your needs. After taking down each and every minute detail of your measurements, the shirt is then sent to our expert tailors, who will create your brainchild into a work of art.

No more drooping shoulders

If your shirt fits you ‘almost’ perfectly and the shoulders is where it goes wrong, we have the fix for you. The fix is to get you a perfect fitting shirt rather than ‘almost’ perfect. Don’t spoil your look with extra-big droopy shoulders.

Let the collar stand out

You should have the option of buttoning up till the collar, if you choose to. If your collar doesn’t shut, or is too loose to look proper and crisp, try us. We will create a shirt for you in which, the collar and you, both will stand out.

The right shirt has the right sleeve length

If you want to create a good first impression, nothing does it like a crisp shirt. Shirt sleeves should be the right length and stop at the wrist instead of you having to fold it. Don’t let the extra fabric hang to give you an unprofessional look.

Length is of utmost importance

The length of your shirt shouldn’t stop you from wearing it how you want to. Tuck it in, or don’t. A lot of shirts don’t give you this option because of an odd length. With customisation, your shirt length is just the right length: not too long, not too short.

Extra fabric needs to go

Nothing should keep you away from looking strikingly attractive. Especially something as solvable as extra fabric: the one that makes your shirt look puffy. You can get rid of it easily, by getting the perfect fit made!

Personal Branding

To add to the personalisation of your perfectly fitting shirt, you can add your initials on the cuffs or on the inside of your collar, whichever you prefer. It adds to the uniqueness of your shirt and make you stand out even more !